Pregnancy has done something weird to my hair. Screw this idea that pregnant women have long, beautiful hair and glowing skin. I’m currently a spotty, frizzy mess. So, I’ve had to change up my haircare… View Post

I’ve been putting off writing this post for a while now, partly because morning sickness (lasting all day!) and tiredness has taken over my life, but mostly because I have no idea how to even… View Post

You know that you own too much perfume when you have a different set of favourites for each season. The sun made an appearance this week (only briefly, but enough to make me feel like… View Post

I spent most of my teenage years being a people pleaser, surrounded by lots of “friends” that constantly argued, back-stabbed and hated on one another. I thought that to be happy I had to be… View Post

You know what’s great about having ‘real-life’ blogging friends? They come up with the idea to treat one another to some new skincare. Well, that’s what Lucy, aka Bethan’s Blog decided when we needed an… View Post