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I’ve been putting off writing this post for a while now, partly because morning sickness (lasting all day!) and tiredness has taken over my life, but mostly because I have no idea how to even begin to write about how amazing it is to be expecting a little bundle of joy.



We found out we were expecting our baby on Friday 6th April. Ellis had been bugging me to buy a pregnancy test for a while because I kind of expected that my period was late. I’m not great at tracking them so I wasn’t 100% sure.

I’d put off buying a test because I’d been moody and had period-like cramps for a week or so, so I was convinced that my period was starting.

Like most girls, I share way too much information with my friends, and because me, Lauren, Yella and Lucy talk 24/7 in a group chat on WhatsApp, I knew I’d have moaned about being on my period at some point. Low and behold, after some FBI-style searching from the girls, we discovered my last period started on 25th February – more than a month before.

Still, I wasn’t convinced. I’d been getting period-like cramps for ages, in my mind I wasn’t pregnant. So, I took a casual trip to Tesco on my own because Ellis wanted me to while he was at work, and got a few tests.

I got home, took one test – positive. Took another – positive. Took another three – all positive. It took me FIVE tests to believe there might be a baby growing in there.

Since this moment, our lives changed as we let it sink in that we’re going to be parents.



I booked a doctor’s appointment for the following week and spent the next few days still unconvinced that the pregnancy was legitimate. I needed a medical professional to confirm it for me. Much to my disappointment, my doctor didn’t do another test, and I was just sent away with a bunch of leaflets and a booked midwifes appointment that felt YEARS AWAY.

How was I expected to just be pregnant, without knowing what to do, without any medical guidance, for a whole five weeks before I saw my midwife?!

Google is the answer. I googled my heart away in those 5 weeks. While this was helpful, it was also extremely intimidating. I thought every pain meant something was wrong, every food group was poison to my baby, and all my skincare was harmful. I didn’t know how to be pregnant. And it was terrifying.

My friends knew I felt like this, and with my 12-week scan so far away in the distance, they surprised me with an early scan at 9 weeks. Me and Ellis can’t thank them enough for this. The relief we felt when we saw our tiny baby kicking its little legs was indescribable. I felt like the biggest weight had been lifted and I could relax and enjoy my pregnancy.

Then came my midwife appointment (finally!). This was about an hour of answering a million questions about mine and my family’s health, blood tests and urine samples, and again, getting lots of leaflets to take home.

I finally felt like I was pregnant. I’d seen my baby, I’d met my midwife, and I knew everything was okay.

A couple of weeks later, we got to see baby again at the 12-week scan. Baby had more than doubled in just a couple of weeks and was wriggling about much more than in our first scan!



I wish I’d noted down the million different symptoms I experienced during the first trimester. Mostly, I’ve felt extremely nauseous, and spent around 7 weeks being sick multiple times a day. This seems to have calmed down a lot now that I’m 14 weeks pregnant, and now I’m sick about 3 times a week.

On top of sickness, my other prominent symptom has been tiredness. If given the chance, I could sleep 24/7, so working full time has been a challenge. I’ve spent most of my evenings after work fast asleep – I’m hoping this improves as my pregnancy progresses!

Other symptoms I’ve experienced have been bad skin (dry, spotty, dull), period-like cramps, vivid dreams, food aversions, cravings for sweets and popcorn chicken (Ellis has a video of me crying because I wanted it so bad!)  and various other aches and pains around my hips and abdomen as my body changes to fit in a baby.



Because we’re completely impatient, we’ve booked an early gender scan. So, fingers crossed, if the baby is in a good position, we should know who our little baby is within the next month!

I will keep you all updated on social media, and on here as soon as we know. Expect to see lots of baby-related content over the next few months as I prepare myself to become a first-time mum.



  1. June 6, 2018 / 8:30 pm

    This was so lovely to read. Congratulations, Rosie! You were one of the first bloggers I ever followed so it’s crazy to read such a big milestone in your life. Can’t wait to read more! P.s. I’m predicting a boy! 💕

  2. June 7, 2018 / 2:42 am

    Congratulations! Can’t wait to hear more about your pregnancy journey!

  3. June 7, 2018 / 8:49 am

    Congratulations I am so happy for you such a useful post too

  4. June 9, 2018 / 12:12 pm

    Issa BABY!!! I’m so excited!!!

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