Makeup is an empowerment, not a mask

One thing that I cannot stand is people slating others for wearing makeup to “cover up” or to “hide their face”. There’s many reasons that both men and women choose to use cosmetics to enhance their beauty, portray their creativity and feel like a boss.


Ever heard “who are you wearing makeup for?” or “you don’t need to wear makeup to attract xxx”? Excuse me? This flawless face is all for me.

Do people ever stop to think, “oh, this person enjoys doing their makeup”? Because that’s one of the main reasons that I choose to wear it. It sets me up for the day, it’s one of the main parts of my day where I get to spend some guilt-free time doing something fun rather than work or chores, and I personally just love playing with makeup.


As well as being fun, applying makeup is a form of escapism and self-love. You get to take your mind off of “reality”, aka the thousand errands building up on your to-do list, and absorb yourself in practising something fulfilling and enjoyable. While this might not be true for some people, I know that a lot of us makeup junkies play with makeup and purchase new products simply because it makes us happy. And what’s wrong with that?


Being one of the first steps of my day allows me to use makeup application to form my persona for the next 10+ hours (or however long I can resist getting into my pyjamas and using my fave skincare). Sometimes, the products that I apply reflect the weather, my mood and my activities for the day. This is a form of expression that those of us who choose to wear makeup get to experience, and it sure as hell is empowering.


As a trained makeup artist, I can confirm that makeup is most definitely an art. I’m a creative person right down to the core, and makeup gives me an allocated time each day (that I choose to wear it) to be artistic.

I don’t look at makeup as a way to hide who I am, I use it to enhance who I am. That bold red lipstick that I choose to wear most days? It represents my personality. And it takes a lot of confidence to walk into many scenarios with all eyes on your bright red lips.

Makeup has taught me how to blend like a pro, learn about what colours compliment others, and to look closely at the texture of my skin and decide what will work well with it. I’m educated on what ingredients work for my skin type, how I can make myself feel a certain way by using certain products, and also how I can use it to my advantage to look and feel more beautiful.

Why do you choose to wear makeup? And do other people’s opinions of it bother you?


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  1. March 7, 2018 / 9:24 pm

    I ABSOLUTELY love this post. I have days where I go all bare faced to work and I don’t hate how I look then but on other days I’ll just go full glam (also to work) and ppl be like “oh do you have a date or something” and I’m just like “err no, I just had some time and wanted to look like this today.” I agree and “practice” all of the points you’ve mentioned, make up is just so versatile and can be used for so many things and even if that means I’ll use it to cover up a really bad spot that’s ok, too! xxx


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