24k gold for your face? | Bio-Essence skincare review 

First of all, can we just talk about how beautiful these products are? Just look at them *heart eyed emoji*. I love anything gold and anything sparkly, so the magpie in me was immediately drawn to these when I first saw them online.

So what are these beautiful items? They are from the brand Bio-Essence, who I believe are quite new to the UK (stocked in Superdrug here), but are very successful in other countries around the world. These two beauties are from their 24K Bio-Gold range.

Gold has numerous benefits for your skin, from preventing premature ageing and minimising wrinkles, to reducing acne and brightening your skin tone (Omorovicza has a great article on all of the benefits here).

And Bio-Essence makes it possible for us all to try out some 24K gold at high street prices!


How amazing is this? It reminds me of a glittery lava lamp that I had when I was younger (that I secretly wish I still had now). Looks aside, the actual product is so good and my skin loves it.

This Gold Water claims to tighten pores, firm your skin, defy wrinkles, regulate moisture and sebum balance, leave skin evenly moisturised and matte, and make your skin look youthful and healthy.

I’ve been using this in the mornings for nearly a week now, so I think I can give a fair first impression review and say that this is perfect for me. I wouldn’t use this in the evening as I like to slather my face in acids and oils overnight. But in the mornings, this does leave my skin feeling firm, moisturised and just the right amount of matte. I think this will be staying in my skincare routine for a long, long time.


I feel like I’ve found my dream product for underneath makeup. This stuff is LIFE CHANGING. Well, makeup changing at least.

With my super oily skin, I’ve never found the right primer or moisturiser to sit well under my makeup, so I’m over the moon now that this little miracle has been introduced into my life.

Bio-Essence claims that the Miracle Finisher seals in any prior skincare, shields skin from harmful free radicals (basically it’s an antioxidant), protects skin against makeup and pollutants, and leaves you with a matte, flawless finish.

While I can’t vouch for some of those big claims after only using this for a short period of time, I can tell you that this makes my skin feel and look flawless. My makeup stays matte all day, and I can’t stop stroking my face (and telling everyone else to stroke my face) because it’s just so soft.

I definitely wouldn’t like to use this at night, as going to bed with matte skin would feel so wrong to me. My skin drinks up nice, intensive oils while I sleep, so I’m not sure this would make the cut in my evening skincare routine. However, like the Gold Water, this is a dream product for my pre-makeup skincare.

I’m so happy to have these products in my life. I feel like they were made for me! I’m now desperate to get my hands on the rest of the range.

Have you tried any gold-infused skincare?

*This post contains PR samples, but all images and opinions are my own.


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