Seven years together: Relationship Q&A


To celebrate our seven year anniversary, me and my wonderful fiancé Ellis answered some questions from twitter! We wrote these separately and didn’t see each others answers. Read on to see how our answers compare…

What’s been your favourite memory together, and do you feel like you’re stronger as a couple now than you were as teenagers? – @NatalieLeanneYT 

Rosie: Trying to think of a favourite memory together is so hard when we have seven whole years filled with them! I guess the obvious one would be when we got engaged on my 21st birthday. The thought of Ellis having my ring for a while, and planning his proposal is amazing to think back on. I feel like we can get through anything together now. We’re a team.

Ellis: My favourite memory together has to be the night we got engaged, nothing could have ruined that night. I think we both felt like the world revolved around us just for the night. We’re definitely a stronger couple now.


Did you feel pressured to take big steps in your relationship because of how long you had been together? – @kvybey 

Rosie: I personally don’t feel like we were pressured into taking any big steps. Everything has felt natural and 100% right to me. Getting engaged, moving in together, choosing to go to university in Oxford near to Ellis… it’s all I’ve ever wanted and has never been because of what everyone else has thought!

Ellis: Personally I don’t feel pressured. Everyone keeps asking when we’re getting married, I’m in no rush, I honestly couldn’t even give you a year. Nothing really changes when you’re married so right now I’m comfortable with being engaged and living together.


Do you feel like you had to give up on important things because you were in a serious relationship? – @LetMeCrossOver/Are you scared of missing out on anything? – @YellaHawk

Rosie: I don’t think being in a long term relationship has held me back at all, if anything, it’s made me more confident. We did long distance for three years, and before that, I was so scared to do anything alone. Because of the confidence this gave me, I went to a different college than all of my friends, I went to university three hours from home, and feel like the past seven years have been amazing. I still got to experience a proper uni lifestyle, I just had lovely weekends with Ellis too!

Ellis: Obviously you miss out on some things, you can’t have your cake and eat it too, but you choose to miss out on those things when you enter in to a relationship, and if you even think about those things when you’re with someone, maybe you should just go and do those things. For me, I knew I wanted to be with Rosie, so missing out on some time with friends and what not was just a sacrifice I had to make, and if your friends can’t understand that then they shouldn’t be your friends.

2011 - 2

How did you tackle the big life events together? I.e. university, new jobs, moving in with other people etc. – @loulabxlle

Rosie: Being with Ellis while experiencing university, moving away from home, getting my first proper job and moving in together has just meant I’ve had support 24/7. I had someone to turn to in the good times and the bad, and I honestly don’t think I’d be who I am today without Ellis’ support and advice along the way!

Ellis: Just being sensible about them. Plan how we’re going to do them. We realised that Rosie could go to university in Oxford, which is 30 minutes from where I was living and so that was never an issue. Things like new jobs and moving in were exciting things! When we moved in, we were over the moon, and when Rosie got her job straight out of uni I was so proud of her! Those are the best parts of life, no tackling needed.


What’s been your favourite thing about having a long term relationship? – @BasicallySoph

Rosie: I feel like I’ve had the pleasure to watch Ellis grow into the amazing man that he is today – that’s my one favourite thing!

Ellis: You grow with each other, you see each other change and you change together. We’re nearly the same person now, Rosie’s just good at make up and I’m not.


Did you/how did you have to deal with people who didn’t take your relationship seriously because you were so young? – @bexemoore/Did people ever doubt the seriousness of your relationship because of your age, and how did you deal with this? – @stacespacex

Rosie: I don’t think we had to deal with this at all. We spent three years travelling on coaches to see each other every other weekend, and both of our parents were amazingly supportive of this. I’m not sure why my mum let me get a coach to Oxford alone when I was 15, but I’m so glad she did!

Ellis: I don’t have time for people. Anyone. I’m not joking. So I don’t have time for people’s opinions of me or what I’m doing, never had. That’s how I deal with them.


How do you two get past the little arguments and not let them effect you? How do you not hold a grudge? – @BasicallySoph

Rosie: If I’m being honest, we could do with some work in this department! Living together isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. We’re still on a learning curve, but he’s worth it!

Ellis: I’m keeping a book, once those little things amount to 100,000 I’m leaving. Nearly there.


What’s been the most difficult thing you’ve had to go through together? – @Bethanblog

Rosie: Grief. We had one particular year when we both had a lot of bad, upsetting things going on in our lives. It was unbelievably hard to see Ellis upset and to only be able to take a small amount of that pain away.

Ellis: Probably the early years, living so far apart. We didn’t know each other extremely well at the start and we were just teenagers so I always had doubts as to wether it was worth it or wether it would last. But you just work through little things one by one, even with raging teenage hormones (Rosie),  here we are after 7 years, a old bitter couple.


How did you transition from long distance to living together? Was it hard to get used to being around each other more? – @ShauneClaireSop

Rosie: Definitely a work in progress! Of course we absolutely do each other’s head in. We live in a house that only has four rooms, so at times we do step on each other’s toes a bit. But overall, if you’re like best friends with your partner, living with them and seeing them more often is so fun! He’s discovered that I’m rubbish at washing clothes and don’t wash the dishes properly, but hey, at least I try (sometimes!).

Ellis: Like I said it was a gradual change. We went from being far away in school, to pretty close while Rosie was in uni, to living together, but that was over a five and a half year span. Even in school holidays we’d spend weeks on end together staying at each other’s houses so we always knew what it felt like to be living together, although it is very different when it’s 24/7 365 and I do find I often need some breathing space, but I think that’s normal. Rosie went away for a week in Scotland this month and I enjoyed the first couple of days being on my own, but by day 3 I was missing her like I did when we were kids!

2016 - 2

Did you ever have any points where you thought maybe this isn’t going to work? – @jojodaniellexx 

Rosie: This question makes me sad because it actually fills me with dread to imagine my life without Ellis. But honestly, yes, I guess there’s been a couple of times where we’ve been less happy, and been on the verge of breaking up. But then we realise how much we love each other and want to experience life together, and we work through the bad times together.

Ellis: Honestly yes, a few times. Nothing goes perfect all the time for 7 years straight, that’s being human. But even when we go through tough times, I think of what life without Rosie would be, and I know that I never want that.


Thank you all for the great questions, and I hope you liked some of the throw back photos of us!



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    I Loved this post!!! The answers were so useful and really made me feel like long distance isn’t that scary after all, but I loved the photographs! Must have been funny for you two to see how much you’ve changed!

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