I’ve been putting off writing this post for a while now, partly because morning sickness (lasting all day!) and tiredness has taken over my life, but mostly because I have no idea how to even… View Post

You know that you own too much perfume when you have a different set of favourites for each season. The sun made an appearance this week (only briefly, but enough to make me feel like… View Post

I spent most of my teenage years being a people pleaser, surrounded by lots of “friends” that constantly argued, back-stabbed and hated on one another. I thought that to be happy I had to be… View Post

You know what’s great about having ‘real-life’ blogging friends? They come up with the idea to treat one another to some new skincare. Well, that’s what Lucy, aka Bethan’s Blog decided when we needed an… View Post

One thing that I cannot stand is people slating others for wearing makeup to “cover up” or to “hide their face”. There’s many reasons that both men and women choose to use cosmetics to enhance… View Post